Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


The Scalby Learning Trust aims to improve education in the locality through establishing coherent and collaborative practice across schools and other educational institutions in the area.

In seeking to realise its mission statement and achieve its strategic objectives, the Scalby Learning Trust board are committed to:

  • The principle of meaningful educational partnership between primary and secondary schools.
  • Expanding the number of schools in the MAT where this enhances the education of youngsters already under the care of the Trust and can realistically improve it in the joining school.
  • Sustainable and measured growth as a Trust.
  • Collaborative working with other stakeholders and institutions for the benefit of local youngsters whether they are in the Trust or not.

Strategic objectives 2017‐2020:

  • Outstanding academic achievement for all youngsters educated in the Trust.
  • A broad range of educational experiences for all youngsters in the Trust.
  • For all Trust schools to be graded ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.
  • Financial stability for the Trust that facilitates school improvement.
  • Efficient operational infrastructure across the Trust to support school improvement, such as a trust wide ICT strategy.
  • To provide effective CPD to ensure the development of staff across the Trust.
  • To create a highly effective Executive Leadership Team who work together for the benefit of all schools in the Trust.
  • To maintain and continue to develop a highly effective Trust board with a clear strategy for the development of the trust.
  • To maintain and develop links with key stakeholders at a local, regional and national level in order to enhance the performance of the Trust.